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How to Focus on Academic Assignments

Wait! What? Two hours have been passed? But I was just scrolling down my Facebook newsfeed! I’ll get the work done later, it’s only the matter of three hours to hang out with Charlie! Three hours won’t do any bad! Well here are some the most common excuses we have heard from the students. We [...]

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How to Start an Academic Writing Blog

With the inception of internet scholars from around the world got an opportunity to connect with one another. They acquired an opportunity to provide impeccable scholarly information to the students which seek the assistance. The scholars tend to share their valuable experience and knowledge about particular subject on different platforms. These platforms offered them opportunities [...]

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Development of Glucose Biosensors using Nanotechnology

Diabetics is one of the alarming and prevailing diseases in the world. As per the 2015 statistics of International Diabetes Federation (IDF) approx. 415 million people suffer from diabetes worldwide. That technically states one in eleven adult people is facing diabetes. As per the increasing rate of the illness, it is expected to affect 642 [...]

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