Development of Glucose Biosensors using Nanotechnology

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Development of Glucose Biosensors using Nanotechnology

Diabetics is one of the alarming and prevailing diseases in the world. As per the 2015 statistics of International Diabetes Federation (IDF) approx. 415 million people suffer from diabetes worldwide. That technically states one in eleven adult people is facing diabetes. As per the increasing rate of the illness, it is expected to affect 642 million people by 2040.

The inception of technology is effectively manipulating the conventional ways of healthcare. Initiating with the artificial intelligence and virtual care, now the healthcare facilities are advancing more towards advance technologies. The minute technologies which are efficient in treating and curing the diseases from within the human body. These technologies are for patients that are unable to control their healthcare conditions and requires instant healthcare such as diabetes as well.

Since 2003, with the help of different control and diabetics management measures, the blood glucose level can be controlled and self-monitored to established effective glycaemia controls. Patients are required to examine their meal routines for four to six times a day, it enables them to measure their insulin dose and timings according to their food intake, physical activity level and correct for non-physiological glycaemic excursions. The most effective of all and effective still is insulin.

The patients suffering from diabetes mellitus have to treat themselves with insulin. Treating with insulin requires these patients to self-monitor their blood glucose level. Maintain a firm routine about their insulin doses and measure the requirement of insulin/glucose quantities. Up till now none of the technologies have been discovered to measure the non-invasive glucose level in the bloodstream of the patient. Diabetic patients have to routinely check their blood glucose level and maintain a routine for their doses. There isn’t any technology to measure the glucose level inside of the body.

However, with the advancement of the technologies we have come to advance solutions like Nano-technology. Analyzing different scientific disciplines, we have come to develop nanotechnologies which are of nanoscale size. The size of the nanoscale technology enables to develop products and applications that may have variety of functionalities and useful properties. Thus with the qualities and diverse properties for medical application, these Nanomaterial helps to create nanomedicines and nanoelectronic biosensors. These biosensors can be enabled to measure blood glucose level or instantly treat them.

Development of Nanotechnology:

The glucose biosensors are developed with the help of nanofabrication technology. These technology helps to create the glucose biosensors of small dimensions. Nanofabrication technology uses laser ablation process, Arc discharge process (Nanotube, fullerene) and chemical vapor deposition processes to formulate these biosensors. The size of these biosensors is so small that they can easily be transplanted into patients’ blood stream. Because of their minute scale and size these biosensors does not even face the foreign body response form the immunity systems of the human body. Also it makes them effective for long-time usage. Finally, micro- and nanoelectronic technologies offer the possibility of cost-effective mass production. As the costs of such sensors depend massively on their widespread usage, diabetes therapy might be revolutionized if low-cost glucose sensors based on nanotechnology become available.

We are still uncertain of the innovation and development in the technological field that can be discovered in the near time. Scientists and researchers are back to back working to ensure high grade technology for effectively transforming healthcare services. Thus students are required to research on such diverse technologies to bring out innovative solution and advancement. Nursing students are mostly required to write essays on such technological advancement.

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