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How Nursing Changed with Technology

The inception of technology, artificial intelligence are taking the healthcare fields by storm. The evolution of field like nursing with technological advancement is beyond imagination. With the growing technology nursing students are challenged to learn advanced skills including communication, emerging technologies and much more. After learning these digitized skills they are expected them to incorporate into practical field to make the healthcare more efficient and advance.

The influx of technology for telehealth achievement is undoubtedly not questionable. Here some of the field in which technology is altering the healthcare facilities:

  • Genetics

According to the latest technological development in medical field, we are able to figure out dozen of illness and conditions that are caused due to genetic disorder. The technological advancement helps us to understand and eliminate such condition by altering or mutating the genes. The genes mutation can be done even inside the uterus of the women.

  • 3D Printing

3D printing facility is not only benefitting the architectural world but also facilitating nursing fields. The 3-D printing facility helps to generate the layer by layer tissues that results in forming organs. It is done by replicating the genes and tissues so that body may not reject the external material. Up till now the technology has facilitated in making heart, blood vessels and skin tissues. Further in future it expected that 3D printing would help in generating complete organs. It has been expected that 3D printing would help to replace transplant nursing with this technology.

  • Robotics

The artificial intelligence technology is helping to change the viewpoint of nursing field completely.  The technological advancement are resulting in Nanorobots, Microscopic camera, aid-gadgets and many more. The bots are incorporated with advance algorithm that may take decision with advance learning. In the near future Nano-robots are expected to be injected in bloodstream of human to identify the illness and treat it within. Other than that aid-robots are expected to be launched that may help blind and deaf patients to hear and see, handicap patients to have artificial limbs.

  • Computerized Physician/Provider Order

The advance technological robots in nursing field will be operated by artificial intelligence. They will develop their learning skills by inspecting illness and their possible solution of the patients. These robots will also be able to learn the conditions and symptoms of the same disease in different patients and provide solution according to their intensity of the illness. Soon the technological advancement would take over the patient’s routine check-up prior to consulting doctor. It will help to free the nurses for other challenging tasks.

  • Electronic Health Records

Patients records are highly confidential and before treating the slightest symptoms of any illness, doctors needs to get the complete record of the patient stating his allergies, medical records and much more. The robots have higher IQ level and advance cloud system. It will help them to maintain the track record of the patient and help to aid them in emergency.

Also the internet of everything may connected devices throughout the globe so that it would help the doctors to acquire foreign patient history.

With the technological advancement in the nursing field around the world, nursing students are required to conduct multiple researches for developing any technological devices, the impacts of technology or the skills to learn technological advancement in the nursing field. These students have the major of medical field rather than engineering thus have weak background of technology, writing on such complex topics puzzles them. Worry not! When our reliable Nursing Essay Writing Services are 24/7 available to combat these writing blocks. Hire us today’s and enjoy the best nursing essays in UK.

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