Influence of an organization’s growth on employee motivation

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Influence of an organization’s growth on employee motivation

In the competitive environment every organization and company seeks the opportunities to maximize their chances of progress and growth. The meaning of growth can differ from person to person or organization to organization. An organization’s growth is the key to show the stability of an organization. The organization growth can be measured on several parameters like in terms of its growth, revenue generation, its size, net profit, getting license and introducing new product in the market.


Factors Influencing an Organizational Growth

There are several external or internal factors which are critically ensures an organization’s growth. The factor which works as catalyst in an organization growth are:

  • Effective leadership
  • Effectiveness or operations
  • Sense of purpose and goals
  • Employees


The current era is full of competition and demands. Organizations despite of their sizes, revenue generation and technology cannot grow without the efforts of its employees. A strong and positive relationship shall be developed between employer and employee to overcome hurdles from both sides. To ensure the best results there are countless ways to increase the performance of employees via motivation, keeping their moral high and attractive incentives.

Unfortunately there are organizations especially manufacturing industries which are unable to understand the value of motivation of an employee for organization growth. They fail to understand the motivation is a driving force of success for an employee and business as well but it does not come easily or on its own. Motivated employees will give their fullest to bring productivity in their work and achieving the goals and objectives of the company successfully.

Types of Employee Motivation

1. Extrinsic Motivation: Extrinsic motivation deals with the external factors which encourages an employee to work for fulfilling any task. These type of motivation are either in the form of punishment or reward. Punishment promotes the fear instinct of an employee to complete any task to avoid the penalty whereas reward motivates an employee to work for receiving appreciation or award.

Extrinsic motivation includes:

  • Salary
  • Bonuses
  • Promotions
  • Punishments
  • Organization activities


2. Intrinsic Motivation: Intrinsic motivation deals with the internal factors that encourages an employee to work according to his own satisfaction. Intrinsic motivation can only brought when an employee is satisfied with job duty, workload and enjoy working.

Intrinsic motivation includes:

  • Career growth opportunities
  • Social status
  • Curiosity or leadership skills
  • Dignity


Employee Motivation Influencing an Organization’s Growth

The growth of the company is not only based on the qualification and abilities of its employee. The company have to maintain a balance between the qualities of employees and the ways to get the job done from them. Keeping the employees motivated will bring fruitful result in the development of an organization. Here is how an organization growth is totally influenced by employee’s motivation and bring benefits to it;


  • Productivity increased: Motivated employees tends to put their fullest efforts in the task assigned to them .They tend to give more than the company invest in them via motivation. An increase in productivity means creativity in the work.


  • Pleasant work environment: Motivated employees tends to have relaxed working environment and satisfaction with their job. They are not puzzled or perplexed with their job duties and understand every niche of their work.


  • Services and Products launch: Motivated employees bring multiple benefits in the growth of an organization. They focus on the goals and objectives of an organization and struggles to maintain the reputation of an organization. They completely try to bring their company on top rankings by bringing creative and new services in the market making it leading organization.


  • Sales and Profits: Motivated employees from their own selves becomes very loyal to their organization, there sole purpose is to bring profits and sales to the company. The employees are encourage for further incentives which attracts them to bring more beneficial outcomes.
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