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Information Gathering through Google Search Engine

Information or acquiring knowledge is the basic necessity of human to crave his mind curiosity. The world is more of technologically upgraded in this era. Information can be gathered by various technical and non-technical methods. Technical methods includes gathering information from computer-aided tools. Hence the social engineer develops the sources which are the mixture of technical and non-technical sources to gather information. These sources are known as search engines.

The search engines are the portals to World Wide Web which allows you to access the information through various sources and data available on internet.  There are various types search engines working on the basis of keywords searches. The most dominant and prominent of them all is Google Search Engine. Google search engine is the commonly used search engine which people use to unearth the knowledge on internet.


It might happen when you type anything in the search engines, a list of results may appear in front of you. Searching on different search engines will bring various results in front of you according to their usage, credibility and demand. Google search engine is considered as the most efficient search engine to bring out the maximum and productive results collected from various reliable sources. The information that you collect from Google Search Engine is being redirected to various link and sources including books, web-page, e-journals, PDF files, blogs and E-newspaper.



Books are the in-depth and detailed collection of an author’s intellectual work. Books includes all the information about a certain topic on which the work has already been conducted. Books are the secondary sources of information that are also available on internet so that Google Search Engine may redirect it.



Web pages serves as the sources of information which may not have reliable information but connect you with the relevant keyword searches in order to extract any sort of information as you can.



Journals are considered the utmost important sources to gather knowledge of a certain problem for research studies. The journals are the sources with the most up-to-date and recent information about a topic rather than books. The journals that have been published on the internet becomes the sources to acquire specific knowledge about certain topics. Google Search Engines connect the user with these journals for the best possible research results.


PDF Files 

PDF files can be of any data collection material including research articles, papers, dissertations and books, this is in order to make sure that the material does not follow in the copyright issues but rather maintains it originality. Google search engine connect you with the PDF files which are considered as the most authentic and reliable sources to gather information from.



Blogs are considered as the write-ups which can be written by any common person. An author may express his own opinions or experiences in it. Even any sort of information can also be provided in blogs about topics relevant to different fields including engineering, medical, arts, technology, education, lifestyle or health. Google search engines may bring upon results in the forms of blogs as well so that you can inquire information from them as well.

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