Leadership Comes By Leading And Taking Responsibility For Upbringing The Living Standards

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Leadership Comes By Leading And Taking Responsibility For Upbringing The Living Standards

Have you ever been asked by a friend, a question like this, “Jim, can you please help me Write My Dissertation on the responsibilities of leadership?” and you thought, why can’t people write simplest of the things themselves? Well it seems simple, but actually its way more complex than what it seems. Leadership is a process in which you direct or influence others to gets jobs done efficiently. It’s an activity that demands great skills and one of these skills is taking responsibility.

            Being a leader is not an easy job. It can be exhausting and frustrating when things are not going well. A number of people depend upon you. They are directly affected by the policies and decisions you make. Some people have good leadership qualities. They know how to lead and how to get things done by a group of people. While others might lack a few things. It’s believed that some people are born leaders. But actually leaders are made not born. They are made by themselves through hard work and self-realization. Here we will discuss how leadership comes and why some people are good at it.

Some people, when promoted as a leader, take it as an achievement. Well, it is an achievement. But that doesn’t mean comfort or taking things for granted. When you are chosen as a leader, you are expected to lead. It means you have certain jobs to do.

How To Lead?

            Role model: a leader is a role model for his team or nation. If you are a leader, people are going to follow you. So make sure to practice what you preach. Provide them with a living example of what they are supposed to be.

            Decision making: leaders are not born but made. They learn through the experiences of their life and one of the qualities they acquire through these experiences is decision making. A leader needs to make good and powerful decision when situation demands.

            Support: a good leaders supports his people by backing them up. Let them know you are there to assist them when they need you. Make them feel free to commit mistakes.

Leadership And Responsibility To Raise The Living Standards:

            “With great power comes great responsibility.” The greatest of leaders have the quality of taking responsibility. The fundamental responsibility of a leader is to up bring the quality of living standards. He/she is accountable for the living standards of the people. A leader who does not care for his own people is soon disowned by them. It is an ethical duty of a leader to maintain the social and economic life of his followers. Philosophers have been discussing the role of a leader since ages. But in the area of social sciences, the debate is a new one and a complex one as well. However, in order to become successful as a role model, ethics demands that you take the responsibility of both good and bad. People relying on you are hoping for good. They might get disappointed if things end up being contrary to their hopes. But being blameworthy will make them trust in you even more than before. Nelson Mandela, the great African leader once said:

“It is better to lead from behind and to put others in front, especially when you celebrate victory when nice things occur. You take the front line when there is danger. Then people will appreciate your leadership.”

 Leadership is a dynamic and inspiring job. It requires skills including strength, courage, humility, wisdom, passion and a sense of affection for others. To be a leader means to love others and the same time have the sense to keep them organized and self-efficient.

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