Information Gathering through Google Search Engine

Information or acquiring knowledge is the basic necessity of human to crave his mind curiosity. The world is more of technologically upgraded in this era. Information can be gathered by various technical and non-technical methods. Technical methods includes gathering information from computer-aided tools. Hence the social engineer develops the sources which are the mixture of [...]

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Influence of an organization’s growth on employee motivation

In the competitive environment every organization and company seeks the opportunities to maximize their chances of progress and growth. The meaning of growth can differ from person to person or organization to organization. An organization’s growth is the key to show the stability of an organization. The organization growth can be measured on several parameters [...]

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Impact of Well-Developed Banking Systems on Nation’s Economy

Majority of the people have assumed the basic view of banks throughout the world. They think of banks as the places only to store money, transfer their amount, get a card or get a loan granted. But beyond this narrow viewpoint there is totally other broad perspective behind banks. The banks which are responsible to [...]

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Effects of Low Health Literacy

Education is the factor to acquire knowledge about everything. Health education is the social core factor to spread knowledge about the health care tasks. Health literacy deals with the capacity of an individual to obtain, process and understand the basics for making a proper health decision. Health literacy determines the standards of language, literacy and [...]

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