The Impact of Patient Navigation on Diabetes

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The Impact of Patient Navigation on Diabetes

Diabetes is an alarming cause of harming the population of UK. According to surveys it has been estimated that approx. 3.5 million people in UK are diagnosed with diabetes.  Another research reveals that there are many more cases of undiagnosed diabetics patients. Currently the ratio is predicted to be 549,000 people indulged in diabetes. However, if we may count the undiagnosed people the statistics may reach upto 4 million people in UK only. The statistics represents about 6% of the UK population is diagnosed with diabetics that means 1 out of 16 people is affected (diagnosed or undiagnosed).

The alarming ratio is increasing day by day thus, many patients require assistance to understand and manage the disease well. On the other hand, it is quite difficult for physicians and healthcare providers to arrange time and resources for the effective care for the patients. Thus the need of the patients to also take care of their health raised high to promote better life expectancy in diabetic patients.

After the formation of Accounting Care organization in UK, the healthcare facilities offered Patient Navigation programs developed by Pack Health, Birmingham, Alabama. These programs are intended to work for the healthcare of the patients to manage their diabetes effectively. The health navigation plays a key role in the betterment of the patient through educating patients and supports them in changing behavior to manage their disease. The patient navigation programs help to develop effective and working relationships between the healthcare facility and the patients with taking care of their concerns, supporting the patient emotionally and financially. Also to help patients with learning for self-navigation the health care system.

The patient Navigation program helps to understand and build strong understanding for the patients towards controlling or monitoring their diabetes.

  • Understanding the Patient: The patient navigation program helps to coordinate with the diabetic patients to emotionally support them. The purpose of coordination with the diabetic patient is to check their cultural and socioeconomically background. It helps to achieve information about their conditions, health insurance plan and background medical history. The Patient Navigation program help the diabetic patients to understand their diabetic type and recover from it themselves. The program helped to monitor the diabetic type and offered them precautions to recover from it. Patient Navigation programs also help to acquire information about the beliefs, cultures and health literacy of the diabetic patient towards their condition. It helps to provide better health knowledge to patients. It helps to achieve the trust of the patients and establish the working relationship between healthcare facility and patient.


  • Healthcare Facilities For Diabetic Patients: The patient Navigation program coordinate with the health care team and learn their roles towards each patient. It helps to collect information about the resources, services, facilities information offered at the health care facilities. The information is then passed on to the patient to choose which healthcare facility for their treatment. The Patient Navigation program helped patients to understand their diabetic condition far more appropriately and effectively.


  • Resources for Diabetic Patients: The Patient Navigation programs instantly get in touch with the community resource providers. It helps them to acquire the resources like transportation services, counselors, language translators, financial support, hospice care workers or representatives. These Patient Navigation programs helps patients to co-ordinate and take the help of community towards diabetes treatment.

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