The role of mass media in investigation: the most prominent cases

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The role of mass media in investigation: the most prominent cases

Mass Media play an eminent role in reaching the mass audience. Mass Media the process of one way communication to reach vast majority of general public. Different platforms involves in mass media are newspapers, magazines, electronic media, radio and internet etc. It has been observed that people usually consider everything true they get to know through mass media sources. These sources also serves as the archives

It would not be inappropriate to say as well that the world depends upon the mass media to get the information about latest happening or incident. Mass media during the last decade is considered as very efficient to investigate and acquire information. The media and investigative journalism have become very crucial for bringing the allegations, reasons, corruptions and consequences of criminal actions into light. Having investigation with the help of mass media promotes good practices in the society and enable to face challenges in the consequences of cases.

The Role of Mass Media in Investigation

There are various roles of mass media to investigate any positive or negative consequence of a happening or an incident. The most common role of mass media in today’s world for investigation is through different sources:

  • Mass media includes several sources like newspapers, electronic media, radio and internet which bears a variety of information related to people, their financial statuses, identities and other details. Mass media plays an eminent role to extract such information available on internet for investigations.


  • Investigations not only about the crimes but can be conducted on the cases as well. Case study investigation may also be carried out for educational purposes. Analysis of documents like lawsuits, legal documents, tax records, government reports etc. may be carried out via information that is available on different sources of mass media.


  • Investigation on technical issues, business perspectives, government issues, corruption and political issues may also be carried out by the statements, legal documents and records of people available on mass media.


  • Mass media helps in investigation about the social frauds and provides leads to catch the criminals.


  • Mass media allows to investigate and acquire data of federal and state information on the account of freedom of information law.


  • Several interviews, statements and records on mass media also makes from for investigation.


  • During the legal or social cases trials ,mass media plays a significant role to collect or highlight the maximum links.


Mass media is the most prominent source to bring out the biggest frauds and cases in front of public. As well as mass media have enabled the people to develop proper understanding to form their own opinion about a certain case. Also the role of mass media created a huge impact on highlighting various digital media fraud, it as well encouraged the viewers to develop judgments. For instance the biggest scandal of Panama Gate can be considered as the trend setting example in which mass media role for investigating and exposing the frauds is outstanding. Thus student can may take professional Dissertation Help to get experts assistance in their work.

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