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Top Unsolved Mysteries

The world is a certain yet the most uncertain place to live in. Through the history of our society, we have witnessed various unusual miseries that shook our world upside down. Some scenarios which left the world in shock, even the highest ranked intelligence services, archaeologists or scholars fail to explain the truth behind them. Different nations have witnessed such unsolved miseries in the different part of the world which are still pending to get explored.

Many unsolved miseries are witnessed in the field of science, arts, technology and history. Some say experts still work on them and according to them these mysteries ought to be cursed and never make logic to the human mind.

Here are the top four mysteries that are unsolved from way before you were born. Starting with:


  • The Atlantis

Back in fourth century B.C, a veteran Greek philosopher Plato wrote a book titled “Dialogue”. The plot of the book dialogues revolved around the story of Lost Land and continent “Atlantis”. The Atlantis which was sought to prevail most of Europe and Africa in historical Times. The legend goes by the Athenians attacked back on the Atlantis which resulted in Atlantis vanishing in Waves. Some stories go by the Tsunami or an Earthquake due to which the city was lost beneath the waves.

However, Atlantis is believed to be an Island located near Gibraltar rock and assumed to be the most advanced civilization in the entire phase of earth. The Island is imagined to have a refined and glorious palace with beautiful citizens, concentric walls and canal along with Poseidon temple.

The place has gathered many people in search of the island. However, the city is still not discovered and considered as the most significant unsolved miseries.


  • Jack The Ripper

 The greatest criminal of all time that may shackle England police at their heels still “Jack the Ripper”. The story of his cold-blooded murder roams around in England dated back in August to November 1988. Jack, the ripper, was the serial killer that targeted five prostitutes and attempted numerous murders mercilessly by ripping off the skins and smashing their throats. The other disturbing facts were after or before each death. The killer used to send letters to England police taunting their activities and progressions.

The case is still unresolved, needless to say, Jack the Ripper was never found or caught by England police.


  • The Bog Bodies:

 The sphagnum bogs located in Northern Europe has thousands of rotten Human corpses that were naturally preserved by the bogs. The human corpses are real that are preserved by the adequate environment of Bogs rather than decomposing. The environment keeps the skin and internal organs intact with the human corpses.

The thousands of bog bodies found backdated believed to be from Iron Age or murdered ruthlessly. It is also thought that the masses are part of any criminal punishment or sacred sacrificial victims of pagan rituals.

However, there is still no proper explanation of why these human bodies were dumped in thousands of quantities across the countries like Germany, England, Netherlands, Denmark and Irelands.


  • Stonehenge:

 Stonehenge is a historical monument of six tons of heavy rocks stacked upon one another. It is located in the Salisbury Plain in Wiltshire, England. According to Archeologists, it is expected to be 2500-300 BC years old. The Stonehenge considered being made of carved bluestones erected by Neolithic inhabitants.

The creation of Stonehenge is still questionable that either it was a man’s made miracle or a glacier movement. Other theories suggest that Stonehenge forecast the alien invasion or is the place for healing. It is the most significant historical monument that still couldn’t be solved.

However, according to different theories, the best one among them is related to Stonehenge to be assumed as Burial ground. It was believed back in 2008 when the date of the cremated remains matched with the Stonehenge creation.

These are few uncertain and mysteries around the world. However, there are plenty of others like these. Students are assigned the project to research and write about such mysteries to provide them with knowledge about the world.


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