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Ways to overcome challenges to writing your dissertation

Dissertation is the most integral part of the academic degree. According to the graduating students writing a final year dissertation is a long and time consuming journey. Unlike other academic essay writing in first or second year of the student’s academic career, a dissertation is the most grueling assignment having the chapters framed like abstract, introduction, methodology, findings, conclusion, recommendation and appendices. Each one of these chapter are set out with mindfulness and concentration.

A dissertation keeps a student hooked up in activities like researching, data collection, data organizing and writing. It might seem easy to execute a dissertation but when one actually starts working on it, he come up with challenges which were thought to be very basic initially. Sometimes data collection from primary sources like interview, surveys or questionnaire take relatively more time than you thought which might slow down the dissertation. Whereas sometimes one get struck in the composing phase and starts doubting their abilities. It might happen that the restrain is because student are either ill equipped or not prepared prior to writing a dissertation that what are they stepping into. Hence here are some of the challenges which every student face while writing a dissertation.

Challenges While Writing the Dissertation

Various factors may serve as the hurdles standing in between you and writing your dissertation but it does not mean that those challenges cannot be prevailed. Here are some of the basic challenges an author face while writing a dissertation and some tricks to assist you to overcome them.

  • Shortage of Ideas: A dissertation works equally on the basis of research, data collection, facts and figures and ideas. Ideas are the most important factor which enables a student to think of possible new aspects of a topic. If a student is short of ideas and gets struck often while writing any point, that is definitely affecting your dissertation.


  • Fear of Writing: Graduate students often get mistaken assuming dissertation is just like writing other academic essays. But as a matter of fact when they start to work on it, they starts to fear about how to comprehend it having basic reasons like I don’t know how to start? , On what sources should I rely for Data Collection? , How to narrow down my topic and focused on one? The fear of writing a dissertation and where to start from gets them stuck forever on these questions.


  • Submission Deadline: Suppose you started the dissertation on time and all the things are in smooth process but all of a sudden your dissertation gets slow in the phase of data collection or writing phase. The time you thought was a lot, all of the sudden gets limited and workload starts to panic you. Completing a dissertation under submission deadline and with time pressure causes a writer’s block.


  • Learning Software Skills: A dissertation demands for a student to learn and develop skills for using software that have techniques to help in writing the dissertation. Learning software like SPSS, Content Analysis, NVivo are time consuming factors which might affect the writing duration of the dissertation.


Prevailing the Writing Problems

  • Narrow down your research topic and data collection
  • Set predefined goals and objectives of the dissertation
  • Avoid broadening your topic
  • Divide your work and execute chapter wise
  • Seek expert advice on academic and technical tasks
  • Try to access the research participants and research organization early in dissertation process.


It requires profusion of efforts and struggles to research and execute a single dissertation. While we understand that writing a dissertation may bring a student face to face with several challenges. A skilled and helpful hand will always help you to mold those challenges in your favor. Hence these tips and tricks will become a great source to seek assistance for overcoming your dissertation writing challenges.

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